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Professional screen printing factory, all run by high-quality screen printing machines with over 30 years experience. Fair price you can trust. The only place that can meet all your needs regarding shirts such as polo shirts, T-shirts, bags, mug, clothes, and apron. We gladly render you our impressive service.


We intend to provide the best services, and the best quality products. More important is helping customers during the production process professionally.


Moreover, we sell products and deliver services to our customers at a fair price. Make you know that custom designed shirts are easy to make through modern tools and innovations

We are expert in screen printing, having 30 years of experience, all began with a candle table since 1988. We are operating with both our accumulated experiences and applying new techniques.


MindCotton has been manufacturing shirts for a famous t-shirt brand named "Noproblem" for 30 years. Currently, Our products are manufactured with auto machines. Standard quality which provides sharp screen grain. Our production capacity is more than 100,000 items per month. Create value for your shirt. Look good, cool with the style and uniqueness that are possessed within you.


MindCotton is the starting point for people who want to own a brand. Think about shirts, think about us. 


Life style Printing.

Tonnam Thantham. CEO MindCotton


We are determined to produce quality products and provide professional services to satisfy customers with professional production processes which will lead us to the number one in screen printing within 5 years.


Printing factory expert who delivers services to the global market at fair prices. Make the world knows that the custom designed shirts can be easily made through modern tools and high quality.

Purchasing department

  • Develop and take care of products that are produced with quality

  • Seeking special raw materials for customers who want to produce unique goods

  • Taking care of purchasing the basic raw materials of quality products

Sale and customer service

  • Sales department, coordinator and customer care staff

  • We guarantee our customer satisfaction. Both in service and quality

  • Customers can contact on many platforms such as Facebook, by phone, email or entering the company


  • Cutting department, sewing department, embroidery department, screen department

  • Production department produces products through systematic operation control

  • Producing a product that meet customers' demands in time

Graphic design​​​

  • Promote the activities and programs of our organization that is about to be held

  • All products before being passed into the production process will be checked for best design by the graphic design team that will come out right and most beautiful

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